For conscientious parents looking for a game that is both educational and fun, What's The Time Mr Wolf? is a great board game to develop analogue and digital time telling skills. Players must race their character around the board matching the times to the central clock - but watch out for the hungry wolf!

There are two ways to play this educational game - one by matching analogue times and moving the clock hands, and the second by matching digital times to analogue. What's the Time Mr Wolf features cute woodland animals which children will love, including bunnies and hedgehogs.


1 jigged forest playing board
20 double sided square cards
4 jigged double sided collection boards
1 large clock face
1 set of movable clock hands
1 slot-together 3D wolf
1 dice
4 animal character playing pieces
4 character stands
1 instruction leaflet

Educational Benefits

  • Encourages DiscussionEncourages Discussion
  • Develops Number and Counting SkillsDevelops Number and Counting Skills
  • Encourages Observational SkillsEncourages Observational Skills
  • Develops Personal and Social SkillsDevelops Personal and Social Skills

  • Juegos de Mesa
    Número de Jugadores De 2 a 4 jugadores.
    Edad Recomendada De 5 a 9 años.
    Idioma Reglas Español e Inglés
    Idioma Componentes Inglés

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    ¿Qué hora es, señor lobo? - What's the Time, Mr Wolf?

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