12 Realms: Dark Lords Pack upgrade the tokens you will find in the game into miniatures. All the eight Dark Lords gathered in the same box! In each Realm are corresponded two different Dark Lords. Each Dark Lord has its own card and ability. This ability is triggered once the Dark Lord appears in a Realm and since the right conditions are met.

Following the base game rules, once you defeat the Dark Lord of a Realm, that Realm is closed and you can transfer your Hero to another one. Do not underestimate their powers! Some Dark Lords seem to be weak however their abilities once they are triggered change the entire game. This pack includes the Dark Lords of the base game. Each of the big 12 Realms’ expansions like; Ancestors Legacy and Bedtime Story have their own Dark Lords that are much stronger and with new abilities. In most cases you have to work with the other players in order to defeat them.

Scale: 35-40mm

Material: PVC

Status: Unpainted

Do note that the Miniatures come pre-assembled, unpainted and with custom bases.

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12 Realms: Dark Lords Pack

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